Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Purchase Point Partners?

Purchase Point Partners specializes in audio advertising solutions for retailers.

Why Point of Purchase?

Your customers are in your store about to make a purchasing decision.  With consumers getting bombarded with thousands of advertising messages everyday, reaching them moments before their purchase is critical.

Can I track it?

Unlike traditional advertising outlets where you seldom know if your message has influenced a buying decision.  Point of Purchase audio advertising can be directly monitored and you can watch as your products increase in sales during your campaign. You can track store traffic and know the number of people who actually heard your message and then acted on it.

Well this all sounds great, but how much does it cost?

Our solutions cost a fraction of what you would pay in traditional advertising outlets.  Our focus is getting you the greatest ROI (Return On Investment) possible.

Should I replace my other advertising campaigns with Point of Purchase?

At Purchase Point Partners we believe all advertising is important and strive to achieve synergy with your current marketing campaigns to achieve your sales goals.

How long have you been doing this?

We have decades of experience in radio, TV, print, public relations and multimedia/new media. We combined our creative efforts doing what we loved to make a product that works. P3 is going on it’s second year in business and we are going strong. Partner with us and join our efforts to bring cutting edge marketing ideas to your business.

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